In this publication we present – within the limitations of terminological and planimetric definitions that do not always correspond to the historical situation due to changes in today’s road routes and the abandonment of mountain environments – the pedestrian, hiking and tourist route named Via Priula, inspired by the historically-documented Priula Way built in 1593 by the Venetian Podestà (“Mayor”) Alvise Priuli, in order to link Bergamo to Valtellina across the San Marco Pass, which at that time was called the Colmo di Morbegno (Morbegno Col).
The route from the hamlet of Botta di Sedrina to the San Marco Pass (in south-north direction) has an overall distance of 51 kilometres with total vertical ascent of 2,518 metres and descent of 906 metres, and an estimated walking time of 16 hours and 45 minutes.


Regional and national recognition for the Priula Way.

• Inclusion in the Ministry of Culture’s Atlante Nazionale dei Cammini (National Atlas of Paths) (Piazza Brembana – Morbegno – Chiavenna – Val Bregaglia section)
• Inclusion in the Cammini di Lombardia (Paths in Lombardy, LinC) project with Touring Club Italiano and Triwu (Piazza Brembana – Chiavenna section)
• Inclusion in the path register of the Rete Escursionistica Lombarda (REL, Lombard Hiking Network) curated by Ersaf (Ente Regionale per i Servizi all’Agricoltura e alle Foreste, Regional Organisation for Services for Agriculture and Forestry) (Piazza Brembana – Morbegno section)
• Inclusion in the Repubblica/Gedi series Cammini e Sentieri (Ways and Paths) dedicated to the best “Paths in Italy”.



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